Kryvyi Rih

Industrial Pearl of Ukraine


Kryvyi Rih is a city located in the steppe zone of Ukraine, at the confluance of the Ingulets and Saksagan rivers, which are part of the Dnipro River. The area of the city is 430 square kilometers, the length from north to south – 126km, width – up to 20km.

The climate is moderately continental, characterised by hot, dry summers and moderately mild, with frequent flooding in winter. Most of the precipitation falls during the warm half of the years (April – October). Strong droughts are once in every 5 or 10 years. Strong rains are accompanied by thunderstorm and hail.

Kryvyi Rih is a city in the Dnepropetrovsk region; the largest city in Ukraine, which is not a regional center. The population is about 648,000 inhabitants, and together with the Kryvyi Rih agglomeration, this mark reaches a million people.

The night city

The city of Krivyi Rih is not only wonderful during the day; it is as much impressing during the night hours. Surrounded by dumps and divided by broad and beautiful streets and avenues, this city seems to invite to have a look into its heart while covered with the shadows and shining stars of a clear and serene night sky.

The night city is much interesting eithin the residential districts. One can enjoy the modern night view of some streets and squares of Kryvyi Rih. The most beautiful street at night is Musorskogo one, where there are two rows of orange lights and every tree is embraced by garlands of colorful lights, illuminated squares and finally the street is decorated with a light and music fountain.

The adornment of the city is Radyanska square in front of the building of the Executive Committee of the City Council, where the darkness of the night is driven by the lights of the world’s largest flower clock, 3D video gallery, a light and music fountain, a great number of orange lanterns. The night city walk will be unforgettable for all of the visitors and provide much more ideas of the city which is beautiful both in day and night!

Descent into an operating mine

Tourists descend to a depth of 1350m, where they can ride a wagon, examine crosscuts, drifts, access crosscuts, a winze, a point of iron ore shipment, a mining technique, a station on a rolling stock reparing, an ore overload point, a working machinery, an underground laboratory on iron pre content, and all these are followed by an incredible atmosphere as though you are in the center of the earth.

Program of excursion:

  1. Entrance to the mine. Personnel safety notification.
  2. Visiting a first-aid port of the mine.
  3. Dressing before descending into the mine.
  4. Transition on an elevated gallery to a mine shaft. Introductory excursion.
  5. Descent into the mine in the cage.
  6. Excursion in the underground mine with exploration of a crosscut, a mining technique etc.
  7. Transfers in a passenger electric train. Going on foot.
  8. Rising from the mine to the surface.
  9. Dressing, visiting the miner’s bath.
  10. Output from the mine.

Kayaking on the Inhulets River

Kayaking on the Ingulets River is a fascinating hourney along the main waterway of Kryvyi Rih region. This local history and informative tour will be interesting to those who want to escape from the city bustle and plunge into the amazing and unique world of wildlife. It is one of the best variants of active recreation at the weekend within the city limits. You will see Kryvyi Rih from an unusual forshortening, discover interesting places, get acquainted with its original history.

During the first part of the tour you will sail through the southern mining region of Kryvyi Rih Basin, where the Inhulets River flows through man-made canyons, surrounded by huge iron ore open pits, high dumps, powerful railway bridges, residential and industrial buildings. Strange as it may seem, but the river harmoniously fits this severe technogenic landscape, reviving it with green decoration and water freshness in what you will have an opportunity to be convinced while rafting.

During the second part of the tour you will leave the industrial zone and find yourselves in a quiet rural area, where there is wonderful steppe nature. Ancient villages, interesting historical and natural sites, which can be visited on foot, are located here in the wide and picturesque Inhuletskyi valley. You will cook on fire, sleep in tents, and in the evening everyone can enjoy singing to the guitar at the fire. We are sure that this short, but interesting tour will leave the brightest impressions and warm memories.

Sightseeing bus tour—“Kryvyi Rih is the city of ore and metal”

Modern Kryvyi Rih is a large and powerful industrial city ranking first by the volume of industrial production in Ukraine. The city is famous for its rich iron-ore deposits all over the world. A network of mines has been created in the city with the purpose of iron ore mining. In the process of human activities the steppe spaces were transformed into artificial mountain landscapes with moon sceneries.

In the Kryvyi Rih region there are:

City sightseeing tour is aimed at showing the main industrial centers of the city, old mines, historic places of the region, and peculiarities of the industrial history of the region. For a short time, one can see almost the whole city, its wide streets and residential areas, landscapes and monuments.