Web design & photography projects for you

You may be a bit lost when you are just starting out. That’s why collaboration with another professional will help you to overcome your fears.

Web design projects

Some of these projects I completed during my learning process. There are a couple of live websites: my photography website which I’ve built as a part of my business; my blog website describing my life stories, and the website I’ve built for a fellow professional photographer. I also wish your business website to be here.

Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with me, and let me solve your problems.

Financial Wellness Academy

I’ve built this website for a financial wellness coach, Caitriona. I used Divi theme on WordPress. She provided me with her colours and a logo. She was after a luxurious feel, and I was working together with her to figure out what she needed. At the end I got the feel right, and Caitriona was very pleased  with the results.


Digibloom coaching new website project

Digibloom Coaching

Aggie is a business and career coach. She first created her website herself, but then realised she needed a professional to make it work as expected. I offered a complete website redesign. She already had a logo, so I used the colour palette from that logo. The website was built on WordPress using Divi.


Portrait photographer website

Sonic Photography

This is my own website I’ve designed directly in the browser, using a code editor. I used a mobile-first approach. For me it has become a preferable way to code if I start with the mobile. I implemeted exactly the same colour palette and the same typefaces, just to have a consistent brand.


Leading Light website screenshot

Leading Light Business Development

I’ve built this website for a business coach, Erica, who already had her website done by herself. Yet, her own built didn’t reflect her brand’s personality, and Erica wasn’t so happy with that. I designed a website for her that reflected her brand colours and with the right mood.


Bee Fab Academy website screenshot

Bee Fab Academy

This website I’ve build for Jaqui who started a CIC company, helping disoriented and lost young people to find their worth and be prepared for employment. Jaqui had her website done by an amateur, but it was outdated, and she approached me asking to build a new website for her. I also chose colour palette.


Wedding photographer website

Photography By Peltier

I’ve built this website for a client who is a professional wedding, event, and corporate photographer. I was building it for a large desktop first, because it was easier to place photos around as there were so many of them. Then, I made it responsive for mobile devices as well. This website I coded directly in the browser.


Photography projects

I was collaborating with several working professionals and freelancers. They needed images for their social media profiles, or for their workplaces. I show only one image of each person here. If you are interested in seeing more images, you can visit my Photography Portfolio.

Woman in a leather jacker and red dress holding a hat

Ellie – teaching assistant

Young woman in blue jeans touching tree leaves

Daniela – artist & illustrator

Black woman standing and holding her scarf

Churnet – photographer

Young woman walking along a path

Jessica – French & Spanish teacher

Woman in a black long dress standing on the staircase

Giuseppina – actress & singer

Young woman walking with an umbrella

Katherine – support group leader

Want to see more of my photography?

I’ve built a separate website for my photography services, which is shown earlier on this page. If you want to check more of my portrait work, I created an images-only portfolio. Please click the button to check it out!